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International practice of carrying out
successful advertising campaigns.
For everyone now.
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Top-notch design. In Pink Monkey’s opinion.


Marketing that works. Pink Monkey promises.


Pink Monkey has friends. These friends of ours also have friends.


We do care...

...about your business. Thus, we’ll become a part of your team and pick services you really need. If you want just a site. Just a context. Just a video. Just an article. We can and will do it. But don’t blame us, if it doesn’t work out.

Just in time. From 3 days

Fill the brief. Discuss details with us. Pay. Enjoy


Want a less costly product? Close the site. Everything comes with the price or illegally. We are just pricey. Maybe.


Look what we can, if you haven’t grasped from our portfolio:

  • Marketing

  • SMM

    Advertisement campaign settings. Constant Social Media activity. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Instagram. VK. Reddit. Quora.

  • Mail Marketing

    Mailchimp. Creation of content. Mailout. Mailchimp.

  • PPC  Advertising

    Settings. Core building. Support. Google. Yandex. Bing.

  • Copywriting

    Text. From one abstract to a series of articles. Russian. English. Polish. Chinese.

  • SEO

    Audit. Building of semantic core. SEO settings.

  • Leadgen

    Customer capture. Search. Negotiations.

  • Other

  • CRM

    Customer capture. Search. Negotiations.

  • Trouble shooting

    Consultancy and work-improvement of Marketing Department.

  • Design

  • Web design

    Own development office. Full-cycle-creation of a website of any complexity. Tilda. Webflow. Wordpress.

  • Design

    Branding. Presentations. Banners. Visit cards.

  • Industrial Design

    Industrial design. Product design.

  • Rendering

    Creating photorealistic images.

  • PR

  • PR

    Reputation management. Creation of positive image. Brand positioning strategy.

  • Crowdfunding

    Running full-cycle campaign on Kickstarter.

  • Event management

    Running events. Conferences. Meetups. Exhibitions.

  • Full-cycle video promoting

    Scenario. Shooting. Editing. Cut.

  • Ghostwriting

    Writing of a book from scratch. Memoirs. Company’s story. Business literature. Fiction.

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How we work
Fill out the application
Discuss TS, sign a contract, pay money
We will work only for you
And then we will optimize and test everything
And we will deliver the finished product on time

How we work
Fill out the
Discuss TS,
sign a contract,
pay money
We will work
only for you
And then we
optimize and
test everything
And we will
the finished
product on time
How we work

For 420 days we:

made marketing videos

About us

An effective product by a defective team is a dream of any company. We made this dream real.


The kindest person on this page. Creates sweet things, writes words. Favourite word - “wretch”.


Chief Designer. Came up with an idea to make Jellyfish as the logo to Pink Monkey. The wretch.


Makes context: “Targets heavenly” - Pope Francis.


Thinks, he is a designer. We haven’t told him yet that he is adopted.


Industrial Designer. Loves cats and machines. Machines also love her. Cats do not.


Event Manager. Can assemble a show-bench from pieces of her nervous system and a bar.


Lead Generation Manager. Finds even those, who are invisible to CIA and FSB. Which is scary.


Makes the best videos in Eastern Europe. He doesn’t want to go to the army, that’s why there are no photos of him here.


First in sales. If you haven’t filled the form yet and still reading the text, she has already sold all Tanya’s sweet things and Sergey on a new project. Thus, you are left with Vanya. Who is adopted.


PinkMonkey’s logo. If the Monkey had a choice, it would pick a homeless dog or a dead dove instead. But he can manage it. Maybe.


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